Tell the FDA: End the blood ban once and for all!

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The Red Cross has announced an urgent need for blood donations, calling the shortage a national crisis, yet gay and bisexual men who want to donate are still subject to discriminatory screening and a deferral period that's out of step with medical experts and modern science. GLAAD and hundreds of medical professionals and members of Congress led the way two years ago to urge the FDA to reconsider its ban. It's time to end the ban once and for all. It's discriminatory, and dangerous for all Americans in a worsening crisis.

It's estimated that if the deferral period were lifted, an additional 360,000 men would likely donate, which could help save the lives of more than a million people. Countries in the U.K., France and others have already lifted their restrictions on all blood donors.

It is time that the FDA puts science above stigma. Add your name to tell the FDA to fully end the blood ban once and for all.

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