Volunteering at GLAAD

GLAAD understands the importance of volunteers in our work: We simply would not exist without your support! For this reason, GLAAD invests in a volunteer program with the objective of focusing on the recruitment, management, leadership development, support and retention of our greatest advocates. We offer a mutually beneficial volunteer experience that is fun, informative, and rewarding. Founded by a small group of volunteers in 1985, GLAAD continues to thrive on the energy and passion of our volunteers nationwide.


Why volunteer at GLAAD?

  • Volunteer with GLAAD if you believe in the power of the media to shape and direct popular opinion about LGBTQ people.
  • Volunteer with GLAAD if you think the media has an obligation to cover LGBTQ issues in fair, accurate and inclusive ways.
  • Volunteer with GLAAD if you think words and images matter.
  • Volunteer with GLAAD if you want to help change hearts and minds.

Why volunteers get involved?Pride March Volunteer

  • To meet like-minded people
  • To network
  • To make new friends
  • To learn skills such as event planning or public relations
  • To gain nonprofit and/or events experience
  • To use professional skills such as public relations or fundraising
  • To support the LGBTQ equality movement

What will you do as a volunteer?

We match you with a project that fits your available time, your interests and sometimes your experience.
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